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Are you looking for a way to keep people at work talking the language of colour? Do you want to keep the learning alive and have your team continually apply what they have learned to team situations such as problem solving, time management, communication or customer service – how about just plain getting along? We have an on-line, affordable solution for you! Often, departments and teams want to continue the learning, but budgets don’t stretch to bringing a facilitator back on site numerous times. These programs are for you! I will work with you to create a program that fits withing your budget, and that is customized for your team.

“An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Jack Welch

On-Line Personality Dimensions™

Join Irene for an interactive application session for Personality Dimensions. Each session can be customized for your team, we can deliver lunch and learns, webinars and Q&A sessions – you choose! Each of these applications of Personality Dimensions comes with a workbook.   Topics we will cover include , but not limited to:

Taming Your Emotional Triggers (Self Management)

The Colour Of My Time  (Understanding how your colour manages time)

The Colour Of My Leadership (What’s your leadership style)

The Colour Of My Communication – ColourCHAT! (How the colours communicate)

The Colour Of My Customer! (Delivering excellent customer service)

The Colour Of My Stress! (How each colour handles and reacts to stress)

Once you and your staff have taken all of these programs you will have PHD in ‘The Language of Colour”

How it Works and Pricing

You will receive a 60 minute live webinar with an application of Personality Dimensions™, with an opportunity to ask questions on the call. Your team must have the basic Personality Dimensions™ workshop and be familiar with their colour spectrum in order to get full value from the webinar.

(60 minute sessions -up to 30 attendees – $57.00 per participant) *includes access to recorded webinars for 72 hours after broadcast. You also have an option to purchase the full suite of recorded webinars, $297.00 each or $1459.00 for all 5.

Contact Irene now for further information and to book your customized solution!

Sample Program Taming your Emotional Triggers

Talking In Colour!

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